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Sharing the life, stories and resources of the Diocese of Parramatta.

A place to be inspired, enriched and connected with a community on mission with Jesus Christ.

Explore fresh offerings every week on topical issues that inform, entertain and challenge.

Experience the variety for families and friends of all ages, and all those seeking to serve in our church and beyond.


Loads of resources and engaging, homegrown content for faith communities! This includes devotions, kids’ shows, prayers and acoustic worship, to resources on leadership and faith for young people and others of all ages. Resources range from videos and info cards, to booklets and podcasts (audio resources).

As with the wells in the wilderness of ancient times through to twenty-first century water coolers of offices, wells are a source of encounter, refreshment and discovery.

Most famously, the Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4:4-42) is offered the living water of God through relationship with Jesus Christ.

May all-comers to The Well be drawn more deeply into the life of Jesus, experiencing new energy and inspiration for our journeys.

Everything sits in a category, so if you’ve used a streaming service you’re ready to go. If you’re unfamiliar with the layout, the main categories are displayed on the homepage and in the top bar menu. To find out more, scroll down the page or across, and hover over an image to display more information. You can also use keywords in the search bar.

All content on The Well has been sourced and approved by the Diocese of Parramatta. Much of it has been produced and developed in-house by our ministries. We’ve also uploaded materials from contributors from outside the Diocese.

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Yes, all content on this site has been created for a general audience. We don’t require user accounts so everything is open and public.

Children have a dedicated kids’ section featuring age-appropriate shows. They can also browse the categories for more content which is 100% kid safe.

Yes! You don’t need to be Catholic to enjoy The Well. This is a free resource for people from all walks of life looking for uplifting spiritual content.

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